Who we are
& What we do

BIMS, Inc. (BHA) is a Dallas-based company, serving the greater Texas area. We specialize in heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, indoor air quality, and refrigeration for industrial, commercial, and residential clientele.

When your HVAC-R equipment isn’t running properly, your living or working space can become unbearable– even dangerous! Don’t let this happen to you. Call us as soon as you notice any changes. (214) 467-COLD (2653)

B.I.M.S. Air Conditioning

Services We Offer

Cooling Services

Chillers, cooling towers, swamp coolers and more! We perform repairs for many different types of residential and commercial cooling systems

Heating Services

From boilers to furnaces, to heat pumps and more; we perform repairs for many different types of heating systems.

Ventilation Services

Kitchen, chemical, swamp coolers, and more; we perform repairs for many different types of ventilation systems.

Indoor Air Quality

From gaseous pollution removal to electronic air cleaners and purifiers; we perform service and repair for many different types of IAQ systems.

Refrigeration Services

Commercial, ice machines, warehouse, and wine coolers are just a few of the refrigeration repair services we provide.


We perform repairs for many different types of control systems including energy management systems, thermostats, and zoning systems.

Compressed Air

We perform repairs for many different types of compressed air systems, including refrigerated air driers and pneumatic controls.


We provide service and repair for many types of pumps including: HVAC, circulatory, booster, sump, and process.


BIMS, Inc. offers a full range of repair, preventative maintenance, and problem-solving ability with our team of skilled technicians.

Many of our technicians come with not only years of experience, but also TACLs (Texas Air Conditioning Contractors License). We have experience servicing small and large projects and equipment for residential, commercial, and industrial clients.


Installation refers to any new projects, such as new construction, retro-fitting new equipment into preexisting structures, or creating zoning systems.

BIMS, Inc. is capable of small to large projects with training and licensing to service or install any HVAC-R equipment in the state of Texas. Our installation team is experienced in ductwork, including flex, metal, and fabrication. We also offer pipe fitting as necessary. If we service the equipment, we can install it. (214) 467-COLD (2653)


BIMS, Inc. offers consultations on many of the very services we offer, both to the clients as well as other companies. We pride ourselves on being transparent and honest about services and work hard to develop partnerships with clients and help clients get the best solution that fits their needs. Whether the guidance is needed on ongoing projects or for planning projects, we can help.