About BIMS Inc.

Bellomy Heating and Air

Our Vision & Mission


It is BIMS’s goal to take care of clients with even the most challenging needs. We specialize in custom, tailored solutions that fit the client’s needs and we strive for the highest level of honesty and professionalism.


BIMS strives to be the go-to company for our clients, suppliers, and other industry professionals. We seek to give the best quality in parts, equipment, service, and advice in the industry.

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Our History

Randy Bellomy comes with 43 years experience in the HVAC-R industry, including several multi-million dollar projects. He started Bellomy Heating & Air, Inc. (BHA) back in 1980 with the motto “if it heats or cools, we work on it”. We believe in giving the best quality job that returns the best value to a client.

Meet Our Team

Grant P. Bellomy joined BHA back in 2003. He passed the state licensure examination and received his TACL (state contractor's license) at the age of 23, demonstrating a high achievement and pursuit of learning and excellence. In 2012, he joined R.E.C. Industries as an HVAC-R technician, gaining valuable experience in heavy commercial and industrial equipment as well as controls. Grant also was an active member of the Houston ACCA. While there, his supervisor also recommended him to the Director of the Blinn College Workforce Education Program as an instructor for their HVAC course. In addition to teaching, Grant created a proposal for the Blinn Board of Educators for a new HVAC program instructional design. In 2015, he returned to BHA with various experiences and strengths. Now as an active member of the North Texas ACCA and Dallas chapter of RSES (Refrigeration Engineers Society), he is driven to help guide the company into becoming a leader among commercial and industrial mechanical contractors.

Grant P. Bellomy

Vice President & COO
Randy Bellomy
Randy believes in giving the best quality job that returns the best value to a client and is known among his peers for his honesty, integrity, and ability. He has served on the North Texas ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) board from 2006 to 2009 and currently serves on their executive board. He also provides leadership to the field and service for the industry on the executive board of the Texas ACCA. Randy is also on the Advisory Committee for the Texas State Technical College. It is through these boards that Randy has had the opportunity to give back to the field.

Randy Bellomy