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1 Replacing AC Filter

Tips For Maintaining Your Equipment

Replacing AC Filter

  • Be sure to get your unit(s) professionally maintained regularly.
  • Keep your filters cleaned or changed out regularly.
  • Clear grass and/or debris from around the unit. Units need at least 1½ feet clearance around them to be able to “breathe.”
Solar Panels

Going Green Can Save Some Green!

Solar PanelsIt’s true! Even small changes here and there that improve the efficiency of your system or that keep it from having to run at all mean savings to you the consumer. Some simple things that you can do include keeping your system professionally maintained and turning up the thermostat in the summer when you leave for the day or turning it down in the winter when you leave for the day. Adjusting your thermostat temperature for when no one is occupying the establishment for 8-hour increments can save you anywhere from 5 – 15% every year on your energy bill! If you’re worried about remembering, you can always get a programmable thermostat installed. For larger establishments, there are building automation controls to help with this.

Other options include opting for higher efficiency HVAC equipment. Depending on the type of equipment, you could even connect solar panels for power.

Bellomy Heating and Air

I Can’t Breathe!

Bellomy Heating and AirIndoor air quality is an important issue because it directly affects people’s health. You need air to breathe, so you want to make sure it’s clean air. Some of the particles in the air that can adversely affect your health include pathogens (like the flu), allergens (like pollen or dander), and pollutants.

The good news is there are options for keeping your air cleaner. For many, the air is good enough simply by keeping the filters around the home or office clean regularly. Others may need more advanced filtration. Advanced filtration could be anything from whole system filtration to clean rooms (for sterility).

If you suffer from apparent indoor air quality issues and would like to schedule a consult, contact us today!

Adjusting Home Humidity

What’s Humidity Got To Do With It?

Adjusting Home Humidity

Do you ever feel like you can’t get the temperature right? Humidity (the amount of water in the air) can and does affect how temperature feels to you. Water in the air holds the heat. The lower the humidity in the air—the drier the air, the less able you are to “feel” the temperature.

Both heating and cooling units tend to remove the humidity in the air. If it’s summer time, you’ll probably like the air to be drier. You could even get a dehumidifier installed to help remove humidity. In the winter time, though, you might find yourself turning the heat up because you can’t seem to feel warm. This is when you want the humidity! A humidifier would help in this case so that your heating bill isn’t as high.

If humidity control sounds like something you might need, feel free to contact us using the form on the Contact Us page. For more on the types of humidity control options we offer, please visit our Services pages.