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Centrifugal Chiller

Centrifugal Chillers: Your Definitive Guide

Centrifugal chiller regular maintenance

Since 1902, air conditioning has made life inside more comfortable. There are few modern commercial buildings lacking air conditioning in the U.S. The modern air conditioning system is what makes it possible to sit through a movie during the summer in comfort or produce chocolate truffles in 100F weather.

Comfort comes at a cost, though.

Commercial HVAC systems use 19% of the total U.S.energy39% of a commercial building's energy consumption is dedicated to air conditioning and heating. Keeping air conditioning system components like your centrifugal chillers in tiptop shape for the highest efficiency, is the challenge for many businesses.

Read on to learn more.

Centrifugal Chiller Basics

A high-performance commercial HVAC system uses some sort of chiller to carry heat out of the interior circulating air. In some areas, water or air alone is sufficient to remove excess heat. Most HVAC systems depend on some sort of compressor system to move a heat-absorbing refrigerant around a coil. 

A centrifugal chiller uses the vapor compression cycle to chill water. It throws off the heat collected from the chilled water plus the heat from the compressor to a water loop. The water loop is cooled by a cooling tower.

Centrifugal chillers are popular because they have relatively few moving parts. They are easy to maintain and long-lived. Centrifugal chillers provide high cooling capacity with a small footprint. 

How Do Centrifugal Chillers Works?

There are four basic components of the refrigeration cycle.


An evaporator in a centrifugal water-cooled chiller is the heat exchanger that removes heat from the entering chilled water. A shell and tube heat exchanger is the most common configuration. 

The heat changes the refrigerant from a liquid to a gas. A flooded evaporator is an energy-efficient choice. Chilled water circulates in the tubes and refrigerant completely submerges the tubes in the shell.  


A centrifugal compressor converts rotational kinetic energy to the dynamic energy of fluid flow. Refrigerant enters the pump impeller and is accelerated, flowing radially outward, then exits. A frictionless centrifugal compressor uses magnetic bearing technology and a DC (direct current) motor drive.

The process raises the pressure of the refrigerant by converting kinetic energy into pressure and heat. 


Similar to an evaporator, a condenser is also typically a shell and tube heat exchanger. The condenser removes heat from the refrigerant gas. The pressurized refrigerant condenses to a liquid. 

The heat raises the temperature of circulating condenser water  The condenser water then carries the heat away to the cooling tower where the excess heat is ejected to the atmosphere.

Expansion Device

After the refrigerant condenses to a liquid, it passes through a device to reduce pressure.  It can be a simple orifice plate or an electronic modulating valve. 

Keep Your Chiller in Top Condition

A chiller is one of the key components of your HVAC system. A regular program of maintenance is the way to avoid system downtime.

Operational Basics

Training workers in proper operations and maintenance is key. Enforcing routines is the most successful approach. Out of compliance operations are often unnoticed until it is too late. Regular safety and operations training is the best way to protect an HVAC system. 

Optimize building loads by using more than one chiller. Use the most efficient chiller first.  Increase the supplied chilled water temperature and establish a reset schedule to change the water temperature as the ambient air temperature changes.  On a centrifugal chiller, increasing the temperature of chilled water supply by around 2°F will reduce chiller energy use by up to 5%.

Decrease the condenser water temperature. A temperature reduction of around 3°F in the cooling tower water returned to the condenser reduces energy consumption by nearly 3%.

The setpoint for water leaving the cooling tower should be as low as the manufacturer will allow for water entering the condenser.

Maintain a daily log to identify any concerns.

Energy Efficiency

Air trapped in the refrigerant loop increases compressor exit pressure and increases the work required from the compressor. Modern chillers run-time meters and automatic air purgers. Regular tracking of run time shows if a leak permits air to enter the system.

If your system has a water-side economizer, use it during the cold season. Condenser water circulates through the cooling tower to push heat into the atmosphere. The water is cooled sufficiently to meet the cooling loads.

For peak chiller efficiency, check the refrigerant level and temperature readings. Compare them to the manufacturer's operational recommendations. Correct anomalies promptly.

Perform Regular Maintenance

An annual inspection by a professional keeps your HVAC in its best condition. Look for a professional with expertise with your type of system. More frequent inspections by on-site personnel supplements professional service. 

  • Check chilled water reset settings and function 
  • Check and clean evaporator and condenser tubes for sediment or corrosion (at least annually)
  • Verify motor load limit 
  • Conduct vibration analysis of compressor motor and assembly
  • Check all alignments to specifications.
  • Check all seals.
  • Lubricate where necessary. 
  • Analyze compressor oil and filter.
  • Check oil pump and seals
  • Check oil heater and thermostat
  • Check all strainers and valves, etc
  • Check electrical connections 
  • Check refrigerant condition and add if needed

In areas where hard water is a problem, water treatment is a must. Without intervention, scale, and sediment build-up and reduce efficiency. At worst, the extra work can burn out your pumps and motors entirely.

Call a Professional You Can Trust

B.I.M.S., Inc. (BHA) is a Dallas-based company. It serves the greater Texas area. They specialize in HVAC, indoor air quality, and refrigeration for industrial and commercial customers.

Regular preventive maintenance helps maintain operational time.  A combination of good operational practice and maintenance limits downtime. An annual or more often inspection prevents damage. 

Need troubleshooting help with your centrifugal chiller? Can't decide if it needs repairs or a full replacement? Give us a call today for a consultation. For urgent repair requests, telephone our 24-hour staffed emergency helpline.  

Boiler Repair: Common Issues Exposed

Having boiler issues and think you may be in need of boiler repair? Here are some very helpful and basic items to check should you be experiencing boiler issues. Basic boiler repair can be done by a business owner or hired staff but only if there are very common issues that are preventing the hot water from flowing. Always follow manufacturer recommended procedures and obey all safety precautions before you embark on checking any of these parts of your boiler system. 

What Can I Do Before I Call a Service Technician? 

Here are some examples of these very basic and common issues in a step by step fashion to check before you reach out and call a service technician to come and look at the boiler: 

  1. Power: Check that the Power is going to the unit. This is done by knowing which circuit breaker the boiler is on and checking to see that the breaker is not tripped and is in the “ON” position. Check that the lights are on at the boiler after looking at the breaker to verify that power is at the boiler. Also check the controls to make sure that everything is set as it should be. 
  1. Pilot Light: To check the pilot light, it’s best to check with your owner’s manual to see that the pilot light is lit. Always follow the recommended relighting instructions. If in doubt, contact us about the pilot light. 
  1. Hot Water: Check hot water at the source to determine if hot water has arrived. You will need to let the water run for a couple of minutes at least. When checking do this at a lower flow rate or closer to a trickle. If your water is warm, you may need to give it some additional time to see if it develops into hot water. 

If problems still persist and you're not able to attain hot water, then it is time to call your B.I.M.S., Inc. specialist and have them come and take a look by scheduling a service call. 

What If I Need a Service Technician? 

When we arrive, we will take a look at the overall condition of the boiler. Our service technician will be following boiler safety protocol and recognizing unusual noises or a “no heat condition, thermostat problems, general boiler conditionask about temperature swings, pilot light issues and/or a leaking boiler condition. 

Afterwards we will be able to tell you what is going on with your boiler and what type of boiler repair is recommended along with a complete quote to repair the boiler. 

Why Us? 

We sell, install and service all major brands of boilers including: Lochnivar, Raypak, RBI, Crown Boiler Company, Peerless Boiler, Absolute Boilers, Velocity Boiler Works, Ajax, De Dietrich Boilers, Burnham Commercial Boilers, Laars, Enerpro Boilers and Weil-McLain. 

Contact us today to schedule a service call. We are open 24 hours 7 days a week. 

Boiler Service: Avoiding Unnecessary Downtime in Your Business

When Boiler Service Costs the Most 

At B.I.M.S., Inc. we take boiler service very seriously so that we can help you as a business owner or operator, rest easy knowing that we have you covered.  

Boiler service usually needs to happen in a quick and professional fashion. Have you ever needed critical boiler service that had to be put off because you don’t know how much it will cost... or if it would exceed your budget? 

We are here to help. We understand these needs and concerns and work with you every step of the way in getting your boiler back up and running in the fastest amount of time with the least amount of downtime possible.

Downtime almost always ends up costing more to have a boiler brought back online versus a proper maintenance or service agreement to avoid and detect such problems before it leads to a downtime issue for the business. 

What Are Boiler Service Objectives 

We also provide a boiler service agreement program that is easy on the budget and leaves behind all surprise repair bills. Boiler service should be something that you can rely on as part of your business processes operation.

We service all brands of boilers and our factory trained and most, including: Lochnivar, Raypak, RBI, Crown Boiler Company, Peerless Boiler, Absolute Boilers, Velocity Boiler Works, Ajax, De Dietrich Boilers, Burnham Commercial Boilers, Laars, Enerpro Boilers and Weil-McLain. 

What Are Common Tasks Performed During a Boiler Service Call 

As part of any boiler service you should expect the following from your B.I.M.S., Inc. service technician: 

  1. A quality visual check of the boiler and the flame if it is possible 
  1. A thorough check on the flue, both externally and internally 
  1. A thorough check of the operating pressure and or heat inputs 
  1. A check of all safety devices and their operability 
  1. A check of all case seals for an effective seal throughout 
  1. A boiler casing removal (if necessary and recommended) to check all main boiler components including the burner, the heat exchanger, the main injector, and the spark / sensor probes 
  1. A boiler fired safety check to identify any working faults 
  1. Boiler parts cleaned and descaled if necessary 
  1. Complete service report showing everything the service technician has done 
  1. A separate service report showing the items that need attention in the very near future. 


How Often Should I Have my Boiler Serviced? 

As a business owner or operator, you should get your boiler serviced (at a minimum) every year to maintain safety and efficiency. Many systems and manufacturers recommend boiler service at much tighter intervals, so check with your owner’s manual or contact us if you have any questions. 

Boiler service is different than boiler repair although they can overlap during a normal service call. Boiler service is thought to be more of keeping the boiler in good order and repair through maintenance. Whereas boiler repair is something that happens after a component break down or boiler failure. 

Contact us today so that we can schedule a boiler service for you. 

Boiler Maintenance: When and How Often?

When it comes to boiler maintenance B.I.M.S., Inc. has the solutions. Beginning with a discussion about the brand and model, make and year that the boiler was put into service, we discuss with you the manufacturer's recommendations for maintaining your boiler.  

Then we find out if the boiler has been maintained to those recommendations. From there we can determine serious maintenance gaps in the maintenance record and the outcome of those maintenance items or lack thereof. 

This discussion isn't to belittle anyone. It is only designed as a reference point for us to best help you in your boiler maintenance program. Also, it’s designed to pinpoint areas where we may be able to increase boiler efficiency through a scheduled maintenance program. 

What Are Common Maintenance Items of My Commercial Boiler? 

In some cases, the boiler may need to be maintained on a daily basis to maintain safety and overall boiler efficiency. Boilers can become a rather dangerous part of a business process if they are not properly maintained. 

These types of dangers include a threat to human or personnel safety along with a loss of productivity and business revenue. In more extreme situations, explosions can occur also causing a risk of injury to workers and damage to a facility. For these reasons, it is best that a maintenance program should be adhered to. 

We can consult with you to get you and your maintenance personnel up to speed on the most efficient ways to perform these maintenance schedules along with daily maintenance if required.  

We can chat about situations such as: 

  • Blowdowns 
  • Openings; which to open first 
  • What is a stack temperature? 
  • What is the correlation between the stack temperature and steam temperature? 
  • What is a flame impingement?  
  • What is the boiler pressure? 
  • What is the steady load? 
  • And other items that you may be experiencing or have concern about to increase efficiency 

Why Us? 

We are factory trained and certified by many of the major boiler manufacturers on the market including: Lochnivar, Raypak, RBI, Crown Boiler Company, Peerless Boiler, Absolute Boilers, Velocity Boiler Works, Ajax, De Dietrich Boilers, Burnham Commercial Boilers, Laars, Enerpro Boilers and Weil-McLain. 

We know and understand boilers and boiler processes and are here to help you with your boiler maintenance needs. 

Contact us today to schedule your boiler maintenance consultation. 


Boiler Replacement: Best Way to Proceed

Boiler Replacement Best Practices 

At  B.I.M.S., Inc. we have been servicing, repairing and installing boilers since 1980. We have the experience, expertise and resources to make your boiler replacement experience a valuable business decision for your entire operation. 


Why a Boiler Survey Is the First Part 

For instance, we offer a  boiler survey that has included in it all of the pertinent information needed to determine the path forward for boiler replacement for your company. This includes the recommendations for the brand life cycle and critical load aspects for your boiler processes. 

We ask the right questions about past experiences, performance and overall ratings of your current system and where you would like to go from that point forward. We have found by doing the right kind of boiler survey that we can offer the right kind of boiler for your operation and its specific needs.

Boiler replacement can be a tricky and sometimes stressful experience. We work hard to take a stressful experience and turn it into a positive and rewarding business decision. 


What Are Common Boiler Issues? 

There are different kinds of boiler issues that can either warrant boiler repair or boiler replacement. Here are some common boiler issues: 

  • Kettling: This is described as a low rumbling sound which is caused by scale up and build up within the system. 
  • Low Water Level: If you hear whistling or gurgling that comes from your boiler you may be experiencing low water levels or even a water leak. Our boiler survey can determine if this is the case. 
  • Thermostat: Thermostat issues relate to a boiler that continuously cycles on and off. These are typically attributed to a faulty thermostat. Although generally an easy fix... the type of thermostat that you use for your boiler can make a big difference in overall efficiency. 
  • Radiators: Radiators failing to heat. This problem comes from corroded pipe work or sludge buildup in the system that causes the radiators to not do their job of 'radiating’ the heat out. This type of sludge or corrosion can sometimes be easy to miss during a routine diagnosis. 
  • No Hot Water: For a ‘no hot water’ condition... these types of mechanical issues such as broken seals or airlocks, etc. will often result in no hot water coming from the boiler. 

How Do I Know When the Best Time Is for Boiler Replacement?   

When is it time for a boiler replacement? Traditional boilers are long-lasting and reliable units that last typically 50 years before they start experiencing fatal problems. However, if you have noticed any of the talked about problems herein, it could be a sign that you may need a new boiler replacement or installation service.  

In conjunction with those issues above are the following problems that you may be noticing as well: 

An increase in energy bills. These are signs that your boiler is losing efficiency. A boiler replacement may be the best option for reducing overall energy costs. 

Frequent boiler repairs are another sign that boiler replacement may your best option. 

If the age of the boiler is so old that repair parts are no longer available, you should consider a boiler replacement. 

Why Us? 

We sell install and service all major brands of boilers including: Lochnivar, Raypak, RBI, Crown Boiler Company, Peerless Boiler, Absolute Boilers, Velocity Boiler Works, Ajax, De Dietrich Boilers, Burnham Commercial Boilers, Laars, Enerpro Boilers and Weil-McLain. 

At B.I.M.S., Inc. we provide these boiler replacement and repair services to Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth, Waxahachie, Denton and the surrounding areas in Texas. 

Contact us today for a no pressure consultation of your boiler or to schedule a proper boiler survey… or just to discuss your present boiler and its associated issues that you may be experiencing. 

Boiler Surveys: How and What They Are

Boiler Survey

What is a Boiler Survey and How Much Does It Cost? 

If you're in need of a critical boiler survey but have put it off because of cost, you should contact us today for information and to schedule your complimentary boiler survey for replacement or complete repair. B.I.M.S., Inc. sells, services and installs all well-known boiler brands. We provide you with a no pressure survey with a complete breakdown of cost analysis to provide you with years of comfortable heating, more efficient cooling and air quality with the widest range of comfort and temperature related process products. 

We understand that a boiler survey can become a cumbersome and stressful event for your business. However we are here to make that experience as pleasant as possible. You will have everything you need to know to make an informed business decision about your boiler and system components. This will include recommended service contracts and maintenance scheduling. 

What Do You Do During a Boiler Survey? 

Here are just some of the things that we discover during a boiler survey. We determine how much build-up of deposits has taken place and any deformations or corrosion breaks on the piping and other various parts which may compromise the efficiency of the boiler. 

By doing a quality boiler survey, we can determine if there are any potential areas of concern within the boiler and make recommendations to maximize boiler efficiency, reliability and safety. Along with this, we can also determine a general lifespan of the boiler system that will reduce business costs by identifying areas where saving opportunities exist. Then we can offer corrections to a boiler system issue. 

What Can I Expect After a Boiler Survey is Completed?  

Finally, with all the information in hand, we can sit down together and decide the best path forward for your business concerning your boiler system... whether it be a repair or replacement of individual components or a completely new efficient boiler system that you can enjoy tax savings on as well. 

Fortunately, because of technology today, there are many opportunities in the commercial boiler market to drive down expenses and increase efficiency. Applying efficient construction methods and combining the right boiler optimization for your needs is critical and we have the experience to provide the best overall solution and installation expertise. 

Why Us? 

We have installed and serviced boilers since 1980. Our factory trained technicians are certified on several brands. We service all boilers and every make and model including Lochnivar, Raypak, RBI, Crown Boiler Company, Peerless Boiler, Absolute Boilers, Velocity Boiler Works, Ajax, De Dietrich Boilers, Burnham Commercial Boilers, Laars, Enerpro Boilers and Weil-McLain. 

At Bellomy Industries and Mechanical Services Inc. or B.I.M.S., Inc. for short... we are conveniently located out by the airport at 1114 S Airport Cir #120 in Euless Texas. We service every type of boiler and do same-day boiler surveys. We strive to provide fast, same day service and fix your equipment correctly including all air conditioning and heating systems in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

Contact us today to get started or fill out our form and we will be in touch right away.