Air purifiers are another method of cleaning air; however, these type products are designed to destroy or deactivate particles in the air rather than filtering those particles out of the air.

Thus, many air purifiers are used in conjunction with mechanical air filters and electronic air cleaners. Examples of air purifiers include ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI), photocatalytic oxidation (PCO), and ozone generators.

UV Light Technology

Using UV light to purify and clean indoor air quality is becoming a more common and cost-effective practice. The concept is quite simple, with the goal of keeping your HVAC coils clean of mold and mildew growth. Using a well-placed UV light can accomplish this goal. 

Products such as RGF’s BLU QR® UV Stick Light or their Twin Stick Lite allows building maintenance managers or business owners to have these installed in just a few hours. Depending on your application requirements, these work to disinfect and protect the AC coils surfaces from bacteria, virus, mold growth and odors which result in a cleaner, more energy efficient system.

These product types use a universal mounting bracket or your B.I.M.S., Inc. representative can recommend or install from an array of mounts, such as:

  • magnetic mount
  • through mount with quick release, no tool lamp replacement
  • direct mount
  • bracket mount 
  • Another such manufacturer of UV lights comes from EvergreenUV, a Lumalier product offering. These offer stainless steel and Aluminum construction, safety interlock switches, view ports for quick visual inspection as well as voltage requirements ranging from 120 V through 277 V.

    Sizes for the BLUC Series start at plenum installs from 20 inch all the way through 109 inch.

    UV Lights Can Help Control the Spread of Viruses, Such as COVID-19

    Ultraviolet radiation has been used for years to clean, disinfect & purify drinking water. The same principal can be employed to reduce airborne contaminants and help control airborne viruses that circulate in rooms where high quantities of infected air may be present, such as patient rooms.

    Microorganisms, such as MRSA, multi drug resistant tuberculosis (XTB), among others… are the reason air sterilization is paramount in these controlled spaces. In these instances, Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation or UVGI, is employed to destroy airborne pathogens 24 hours a day. These methods are also useful for vaccine storage. This includes any airborne viruses exhaled by patients or occupants. 

    Essentially, the DNA structure of viruses, most bacteria and spores are eliminated by the radiation of UV light, yet completely safe when located up and away from occupants. This process has the added advantage of no dangerous by-products. If you’re concerned about the spread of viruses, such as COVID-19 through indoor air contamination, then reach out to us today so we can assist you with your questions.

    Your B.I.M.S., Inc. representative can assist you in the overall layout and design of your system to not only reduce indoor air pollution, but also eliminate the risk of spreading indoor contaminated air to the building occupants.

    Service and Repair

    At B.I.M.S., Inc. our team of highly trained service technicians is available 24/7 to ensure your air purifier is replaced quickly and correctly. We pride ourselves on giving quality service that is focused on ensuring longevity of the whole system, optimizing efficiency, and centering on the source of the problems versus only alleviating symptoms. Much like a doctor, we want to treat what’s causing the fever rather than only treat the fever. 

    We also understand how precious keeping a business in operation is. Thus, if something goes wrong, we will work with you to get the problem resolved so that “down-time” is kept to a minimum. When time comes for the air purifier to be replaced, our team will work diligently to ensure the process is as flawless and as quick as possible. For any issue, B.I.M.S., Inc. has access to a vast network of distributors for parts and equipment (including those hard to find). 


    Keep your equipment performing at its optimal level and help ensure its long life by having any air purifiers periodically replaced. This preventive maintenance keeps the air purifier operating at peak efficiency, minimizes unnecessary repairs and down-time, and helps keep energy costs low. This service keeps your system clean and in good working order. It also helps prevent smaller problems from becoming larger, more costly problems.

    With preventive maintenance, we like to partner with our clients in order to provide options best for the situation and create custom solutions that fit your needs. We understand the importance and adverse effects of having an operation down in the commercial/industrial realm and will thus work on comprehensive, systemic solutions to keep you up and running.

    Call us today at (833) 879-2467 if you have any questions about air purifiers and/or are having issues with your HVAC system.

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