B.I.M.S. Inc. is your complete source for all compressed air and vacuum needs from factory trained service technicians. We can perform repairs for many different types of systems and equipment, as seen below. Call us today if you have any questions or click on the links below to learn about each system. We provide routine and emergency service on all air compressors and air dryers.

Repairs can include rebuilding the air end, performing a full preventive maintenance service, rebuilding the motor, replacing gaskets / O-rings / seals / coupling elements / etc., repairing & adjusting all controls, cleaning the unit – including a thorough cleaning of the coolers, and the replacement of any additional components. Our trained technicians will arrive in professional service vehicles, stocked with common replacement parts to prevent downtime for your business.

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Refrigerated air dryers are used for equipment that utilizes compressed air. Compressed air tends to contain high amounts of moisture which can lead to corrosion and malfunctions in the equipment that the compressed air runs through. In fact, if the equipment is outside in cold temperatures, the moisture in the compressed air can actually freeze, leading to burst lines and other issues. The refrigerated air dryers help remove moisture out of the compressed air so that life of the equipment is extended.

Pneumatic controls are an older method of controlling the HVAC system in a structure before technology was as advanced as it is now. Pneumatic controls have been around over 120 years! These type controls would use compressed air to open or shut valves instead of using the electrical signaling and smaller motors we have today. Though still seen today in older structures, there are cases even now where using air over electricity may be more desirable.

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