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Energy management systems are automations within building sites or homes that help save energy costs, such as with lights or HVAC. Building automations or home automations typically include energy management systems, but not always. Specifically for HVAC, this automation can give better comfort, control, and energy savings, depending on what the building site needs and/or what clients would want.

Zoning is a type of energy management system in which a structure is divided into smaller zones to be controlled separately with a dedicated thermostat rather than one thermostat to control the entire structure. The advantages of zoning systems are more control over temperatures within the zones (and thus better comfort) and energy cost savings. Depending on the type of thermostats used, these zones can be controlled manually or wirelessly as part of a building or home automation system.

Thermostats regulate temperature within a structure either manually or electronically. A typical thermostat most may be familiar with is the electronic type. Within the electronic types, thermostats can be non-programmable or programmable. Programmable refers to the ability to set and change the thermostat to keep the structure at a set temperature at certain times. There are programmable type thermostats that can be connected to the internet so that an operator can wirelessly set and/or change the structure’s temperature from a computer or other mobile device.

Three-phase line voltage monitors (or just “phase monitors” for short) are a type of control that helps protect an HVAC-R system from improper voltage or phasing. Specifically, it protects against too low or too high voltage, phase loss, phase reversal, or rapid short cycling by shutting a system down so that these problems won’t hurt the equipment.

Surge protectors are safety devices that help guard against high voltages so that a system isn’t damaged or burnt up. Surge protectors work by diverting the excess voltage to ground. These are necessary because of growing power grids and more electronic controls that are sensitive to voltage variations. Because many HVAC-R systems use 3-phase power, surge protection is needed in conjunction with 3-phase line voltage monitors (or just “phase monitors” for short) because one or the other by itself is not enough.

Variable Frequency Drives are a type of control that accelerate or decelerate the speed of many motors used in HVAC and manufacturing processes. VFDs are used mainly for energy efficiency and more precise control of these HVAC systems or manufacturing processes. For HVAC purposes, VFDs can extend the life of the system because motors can be sped up or slowed to control air or water flow as needed rather than being off or on which pulls more amperage.

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