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HVAC Services in Dallas

Welcome to B.I.M.S., Inc., where our dedication to providing top-tier Commercial & Industrial HVAC-R services in the Dallas region and beyond is unmatched. With over 45 years of experience under our belt, we understand the intricacies of maintaining, repairing, and installing HVAC systems tailored to both residential and commercial needs.

Dallas HVAC Contractors

Our team is comprised of factory-trained technicians, each holding a Texas Air Conditioning Contractors License (TACL), ensuring that all services rendered not only meet but exceed industry standards. At B.I.M.S., Inc., we take pride in our ability to tackle both small and large-scale projects with the same level of professionalism and expertise.

Heating and Cooling Services in Dallas

As the seasons change, so do the demands on your HVAC system. Whether it’s the scorching summer heat or the brisk winter cold, our services are designed to ensure your environment remains comfortable year-round. Our comprehensive heating and cooling solutions cater to a variety of systems, including traditional HVAC, boilers, and chillers.

Residential HVAC in Dallas

Our residential services guarantee that your home remains a sanctuary, regardless of the external temperatures. From system installations to routine maintenance, we ensure your living space receives the best possible care.

Commercial HVAC Services in Dallas

B.I.M.S., Inc. excels in providing HVAC solutions that support the unique needs of commercial spaces. Efficiency and reliability stand at the forefront of our service delivery, aiming to minimize downtime and promote a productive environment.

HVAC Repair in Dallas

Encountering issues with your HVAC system can be a daunting experience. That’s why our team is equipped with fully-stocked trucks to address and resolve any problems promptly. Our repair services are designed to restore your system’s efficiency and reliability as quickly as possible.

Dallas HVAC Companies

Among Dallas HVAC companies, B.I.M.S., Inc. sets a standard for quality and customer satisfaction. Our commitment to integrity, along with our extensive industry experience, allows us to serve our clients with unparalleled excellence.

HVAC Installation in Dallas

Whether you’re upgrading an outdated system or installing a new one, our team is ready to ensure the process is seamless. With our in-depth consultation services, we help you identify the best solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency.

Dallas HVAC Systems

Understanding the diverse range of HVAC systems available is key to making informed decisions about your heating and cooling needs. At B.I.M.S., Inc., we leverage our expertise to guide you through the various options, helping you find the perfect match for your residential or commercial space.

HVAC Maintenance in Dallas

Regular maintenance is crucial in extending the lifespan of your HVAC system and preventing unexpected breakdowns. Our preventative maintenance services are comprehensive, covering everything from routine inspections to part replacements, ensuring your system runs smoothly throughout the year.

Located in Grapevine, TX, and serving the Greater Texas Area including Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, and more, B.I.M.S., Inc. is ready to address all your HVAC-R system needs. Contact us at (833) 394-3878 for efficient and reliable service that exceeds your expectations. With licenses and compliance across Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and certification from the Air Conditioning Contractors of America ACCA-NTX, we bring peace of mind to all our clients, ensuring that every project we undertake is executed with the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

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