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B.I.M.S. Inc. is a mechanical contractor specializing in the repair, alteration, or installation of heating, air conditioning, ventilating, refrigerating, indoor air quality, compressed air, control systems and pumping equipment. We are capable of small to large projects with training and licensing to service or install any HVAC-R equipment in the state of Texas. Our HVAC installation team is experienced in ductwork, including flex, metal, and fabrication. We also offer pipe fitting as necessary. Basically, if we service the equipment, we can install it too.

New Construction, Retro-fitting, & Zoning

Specifically, our installation services cover new construction of HVAC-R and pipe fitting systems. Installation services also cover retro-fitting said systems, which is the process of installing new equipment in place of older, broken, or obsolete equipment in a preexisting structure. A third component of our installation services includes zoning. Zoning compartmentalizes a structure so that each smaller zone can be controlled separate from other zones. Of these types of installs, a major focus in addition to comfort and cost can be (and in many cases should be) environmental quality. We can consult with clients about ways to improve indoor air quality through installing new systems or retrofitting more environmentally safe materials. Some examples could include type of ductwork, type of equipment, air cleaners, and other filtration and ventilation.

B.I.M.S. Inc. prides itself on top-quality HVAC installation that yields long-term dependability and efficiency, which provides better comfort and financial savings to our clients. Our approach is to focus on the system as a whole rather than one component within said HVAC-R system. We will work hard with clients to come up with the best solutions for the system in order to achieve the highest comfort and financial savings. In so doing, we hope to impart our work ethic, know-how, and honesty to clients.

Our technicians have years of experience and are continually updated with the latest training and certifications. We believe that is the best way to ensure they are prepared for any possible issue that may come up with your heating and air conditioning system. Our exceptional qualifications and work effort are what set us apart from other Dallas – Fort Worth area HVAC companies.

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Heat pumps are interesting in that the system can both heat and cool a structure. It works using a refrigerant that pulls heat out of the air and pushes that heat either inside the structure (on a heating cycle) or outside of the structure (on a cooling cycle).

Radiant heaters use either electrical elements or piping that reflects the heat from gas burned inside them to radiate heat out into a room. Radiant heaters typically hang from a ceiling either close to an entrance or over a work space. The only drawbacks would be a higher upfront cost and limited reach of heat because the heat is radiant.

Package units are mostly referred to as rooftop units (RTUs) because of their placement on top of buildings. RTUs are interesting in that they can serve as heating or cooling systems and are contained within one packaged unit for convenience of space. In other words, many systems are considered “split systems” because the furnace (heating) or air handler (cooling) is split off from the condenser which is always outside.

Unit heaters heat air via varying methods (e.g., steam, hot water, electric elements, or combustion) and blow the heated air out into a structure (typically warehouses). The advantage to using unit heaters is that there is no ducting system and they can be placed wherever needed. The drawback is they tend to pocket heat in one area and it tends to be up high where they are typically hung.

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