What does a chiller service call cost

What Does a Chiller Service Call Cost?

What does a commercial or industrial Chiller service call cost in Dallas & Ft. Worth, TX? Commonly it may run you somewhere between $125 to $200. Some variables depend on our travel distance, equipment type, and a 24hr Emergency Service call.

If your chiller requires any additional services and repairs, you may need to pay extra money for that. Quite commonly, a chiller service call cost may take between 2 to 4 hours of labor. These labor costs average between $135 to $150 per hour, depending on equipment type.

For example, many chiller service call costs revolve around issues with poor heat transfer. These heat transfer issues can result from contaminants from hard water, scaling, algae, and debris.

These contaminants can block the condenser tubes and other components, increasing thermal resistance. A chiller service call cost includes diagnosing heat transfer issues, including checking all pressures relating to discharge and suction. 

Other typical chiller service call costs include electrical issues. However, these issues include electrical error codes, which can vary greatly depending on what is behind the error code. 

On the low side, it may cost you between $400 to $1,000 total. More extensive repair and replacement, such as leakage in the condenser coils, may cost you between $750 to $2,500.

What Goes into a Chiller Service Call Cost?

We charge fair prices for the work we perform. Factory-trained and qualified HVAC professionals are good at what they do. We only hire these skilled people to work on your equipment.

In conclusion, chillers are expensive and complicated pieces of equipment. You only want someone qualified who knows what they're doing working on your chiller to lower a chiller service call cost vs. someone who is guessing and simply hanging parts on your chiller as they go.

Many professional chiller service companies charge you on a per-hour basis, while the other companies may charge you based on their given project.

Call (833) 879-2467 and get a free estimate for your chiller service call cost if you have any questions at all.

How Can I Reduce My Service Call Cost?

There are a couple of things you can do to not only reduce the chiller service call cost total, but to also speed the process.

First, fill out our online credit application. Be sure to fill in all requested information, including the Equipment Section.

Included is an area where you can briefly describe your chiller problem. This section includes some very important information for us to on before sending a service technician your way.

Most importantly, it includes Make, Model and Serial Number. Further it asks if you have the service manuals for your chiller.

These pieces of information make it possible for us to determine what to have on the truck and to study any particular information about your model of chiller so we can give you the best service experience. 

Helpful Chiller Resources

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Here is a great article if you would like to brush up on your knowledge of centrifugal chillers. If chiller maintenance is in your wheel house, then this is a great resource to bring you up to speed on the basics.

Finally, if you’re debating on whether you should repair or replace your commercial chiller, then here is a must read article to get you pointed in the right direction. Process chiller basics are covered here in good detail and if you’re wondering why you would require an industrial chiller, here’s a great quick read for you.

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