Ventilation Systems

B.I.M.S., Inc. performs repairs for many different types of ventilation systems, as seen below. Call us today if you have any questions or click on the links below to learn about each.

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Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers work by the process of water turning from liquid to gaseous water vapor. These units use less electricity because they only run a fan to circulate air over water. The passing air uses the heat energy from the water to turn the water from a liquid state to a gas state, thereby cooling the air considerably. You might see them used for fresh-air ventilation so that the air is tempered somewhat.

Laboratory/Chemical Ventilation Systems

Laboratory/chemical ventilation systems serve to remove hazardous gases, fumes, and other particulate matter in the air during chemical experiments or other industrial processes, and bring in fresh air to replace the air lost. These systems typically comprise fume hoods and exhaust fans.

Restaurant/Kitchen Ventilation Systems

Restaurant/kitchen ventilation systems serve to remove grease, exhaust, and other particulate matter in the air while cooking and bring in fresh air to replace the air lost. These systems typically comprise exhaust hoods, exhaust fans, and make-up air units. The make-up units are separate from the exhaust hood and fan because they replace air lost from exhausting the grease and smoke.

Ductwork – All You Need to Know and Ventilation

We cannot leave the ventilation of our business at the mercy of windows and doors, since roughly 20% of natural air comes in through them. You also need ductwork to accomplish complete ventilation for sytems and people. Natural ventilation may serve you well if you have a one-room business space with less stuff and standby air conditioners.

However, for businesses with plenty of rooms and extensions, surviving on natural ventilation could be a nightmare. And the problem may be doubled, if the business is situated in a region with sharp climate changes. Learn more.


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