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Going Green Can Save Some Green!

Solar PanelsIt’s true! Even small changes here and there that improve the efficiency of your system or that keep it from having to run at all mean savings to you the consumer. Some simple things that you can do include keeping your system professionally maintained and turning up the thermostat in the summer when you leave for the day or turning it down in the winter when you leave for the day. Adjusting your thermostat temperature for when no one is occupying the establishment for 8-hour increments can save you anywhere from 5 – 15% every year on your energy bill! If you’re worried about remembering, you can always get a programmable thermostat installed. For larger establishments, there are building automation controls to help with this.

Other options include opting for higher efficiency HVAC equipment. Depending on the type of equipment, you could even connect solar panels for power.

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