Thermostats regulate temperature within a structure either manually or electronically. A typical thermostat most may be familiar with is the electronic type. Within the electronic types, thermostats can be non-programmable or programmable. Programmable refers to the ability to set and change the thermostat to keep the structure at a set temperature at certain times. There are programmable type thermostats that can be connected to the internet so that an operator can wirelessly set and/or change the structure’s temperature from a computer or other mobile device. Yet another special type of programmable thermostats is considered “true wireless” in that the thermostat is mounted on a wall with no wires needing to be run within the structure. These thermostats communicate with the HVAC system via low radio frequencies.

Service and Repair

At B.I.M.S. Inc., our team of highly trained service technicians is available 24/7 to ensure your thermostat is repaired quickly and correctly. We pride ourselves on giving quality service that is focused on ensuring longevity of the whole system, optimizing efficiency, and centering on the source of the problems versus only alleviating symptoms. Much like a doctor, we want to treat what’s causing the fever rather than only treat the fever.

We also understand how precious keeping a business in operation is. Thus, if something goes wrong, we will work with you to get the problem resolved so that “down-time” is kept to a minimum. If, worst case scenario, the thermostat needs replacing, our team will work diligently to ensure the process is as flawless and as quick as possible. For any issue, B.I.M.S. Inc. has access to a vast network of distributors for parts and equipment (including those hard to find).


Keep your thermostat performing at its optimal level and help ensure its long life by having it properly maintained. This preventive maintenance keeps the thermostat operating at peak efficiency, minimizes unnecessary repairs and down-time, and helps keep energy costs low. This service keeps your system clean and in good working order. It also helps prevent smaller problems from becoming larger, more costly problems.

With preventive maintenance, we like to partner with our clients in order to provide options best for the situation and create custom solutions that fit your needs. We understand the importance and adverse effects of having an operation down in the commercial/industrial realm and will thus work on comprehensive, systemic solutions to keep you up and running.

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