Boiler Replacement in Texas: Best Way to Proceed

Boiler Replacement Best Practices 

At  B.I.M.S., Inc. we have been servicing, repairing and installing boilers since 1980. We have the experience, expertise and resources to make your boiler replacement experience a valuable business decision for your entire operation. 

Why a Boiler Survey Is the First Part 

For instance, we offer a  boiler survey that has included in it all of the pertinent information needed to determine the path forward for boiler replacement for your company. This includes the recommendations for the brand life cycle and critical load aspects for your boiler processes. 

We ask the right questions about past experiences, performance and overall ratings of your current system and where you would like to go from that point forward. We have found by doing the right kind of boiler survey that we can offer the right kind of boiler for your operation and its specific needs.

Boiler replacement can be a tricky and sometimes stressful experience. We work hard to take a stressful experience and turn it into a positive and rewarding business decision. 

What Are Common Boiler Issues? 

There are different kinds of boiler issues that can either warrant boiler repair or boiler replacement. Here are some common boiler issues: 

  • Kettling: This is described as a low rumbling sound which is caused by scale up and build up within the system. 
  • Low Water Level: If you hear whistling or gurgling that comes from your boiler, you may be experiencing low water levels or even a water leak. Our boiler survey can determine if this is the case. 
  • Thermostat: Thermostat issues relate to a boiler that continuously cycles on and off. These are typically attributed to a faulty thermostat. Although generally an easy fix... the type of thermostat that you use for your boiler can make a big difference in overall efficiency. 
  • Radiators: Radiators failing to heat. This problem comes from corroded pipe work or sludge buildup in the system that causes the radiators to not do their job of 'radiating’ the heat out. This type of sludge or corrosion can sometimes be easy to miss during a routine diagnosis. 
  • No Hot Water: For a ‘no hot water’ condition... these types of mechanical issues such as broken seals or airlocks, etc. will often result in no hot water coming from the boiler. 

How Do I Know When the Best Time Is for Boiler Replacement?   

When is it time for a boiler replacement in Texas? Traditional boilers are long-lasting and reliable units that typically last 50 years before they start experiencing fatal problems. However, if you have noticed any of the problems discussed herein, it could be a sign that you may need a new boiler replacement or installation service.  

In conjunction with those issues above are the following problems that you may be noticing as well: 

An increase in energy bills. These are signs that your boiler is losing efficiency. A boiler replacement may be the best option for reducing overall energy costs. 

Frequent boiler repairs are another sign that boiler replacement may your best option. 

If the boiler is so old that repair parts are no longer available, you should consider a boiler replacement from B.I.M.S. in Grapevine, Texas. 

Why Us? 

We sell install and service all major brands of boilers including Lochinvar, Raypak, RBI, Crown Boiler Company, Peerless Boiler, Absolute Boilers, Velocity Boiler Works, Ajax, De Dietrich Boilers, Burnham Commercial Boilers, Laars, Enerpro Boilers and Weil-McLain. 

At B.I.M.S., Inc. we provide these boiler replacement and repair services to Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth, Waxahachie, Denton and the surrounding areas in Texas. 

Contact us today for a no pressure consultation of your boiler or to schedule a proper boiler survey… or just to discuss your present boiler and any associated issues that you may be experiencing. 

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