Industrial AC Units in Grapevine, TX

Industrial business owners count on having working air conditioning systems to keep their facilities comfortable, even in harsh conditions. Many industrial businesses are based in warehouses and other large facilities that can become oppressively hot during the summer months. To keep employees safe and equipment operating properly, you’ll need a heavy-duty industrial air conditioning system that’s working as it should so everything can stay cool.

B.I.M.S., Inc. can be trusted to handle the repairs these industrial air conditioning systems need to remain functional. There are many different types of industrial air conditioners used by business owners in Grapevine, TX and the surrounding areas. B.I.M.S. knows how to repair these versatile units. Some examples of industrial cooling systems we work on include chillers, cooling towers, ice bank systems, and rooftop units.

Industrial AC Repairs

Industrial air conditioning units are essential for large, enclosed facilities like warehouses and factories where the temperature can rise dangerously as the heavy machinery runs. Other industrial AC units can be used in smaller facilities like workshops and garages to help keep these areas at the right temperature. B.I.M.S. can make sure these units are installed correctly and are fully capable of providing the cooling features these industrial businesses need to operate properly. Industrial AC units help to keep employees cool, most importantly, but they also protect products and equipment from being harmed by high temperatures, such as machines that can overheat.

You can call B.I.M.S. for industrial air conditioning repairs and maintenance to ensure your industrial air conditioning units continue to work as they should. Call us today to schedule a service call or consultation.

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