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Unit Heaters for Commercial & Industrial Heating: a Definitive Guide

Since approximately 1916,  unit heaters made have their way into the lives of people, warming up all kinds of spaces from homes and classrooms up

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Centrifugal Chillers: Your Definitive Guide

In this article, we take a look at centrifugal chillers and the fundamentals of how they operate. Since 1902, air conditioning has made life inside

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Boiler Repair: Common Issues Exposed

​Having boiler issues and think you may be in need of boiler repair? Here are some very helpful and basic items to check should you be experiencing boiler

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Boiler Service: Avoiding Unnecessary Downtime in Your Business

When Boiler Service Costs the Most At B.I.M.S., we take boiler service: avoiding unnecessary downtime in your business  very seriously so that we can help

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Boiler Maintenance: When and How Often?

When it comes to boiler maintenance B.I.M.S. has the solutions. Therefore, beginning with a discussion about the brand and model, make and year that the boiler was

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Boiler Replacement: Best Way to Proceed

Boiler Replacement Best Practices At  B.I.M.S., we have been servicing,  repairing and installing boilers since 1980. We have the experience, expertise and resources to make

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Boiler Surveys: How and What They Are

What is a Boiler Survey and How Much Does It Cost? When it comes to boiler surveys, you may be wondering about how and what they are?

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Chiller Maintenance: Taking a Look into the Importance of Keeping it Cool

In this article, we take a solid look at chiller maintenance and the importance of keeping it cool. First, let's take a look at current

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Repair or Replace: How to Decide Whether to Fix or Swap out Your Commercial Chiller

Restaurants, stores, laboratories, and many other businesses rely on commercial refrigeration to keep food and other things at the right temperature. What do you do when

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