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Hyperchill PCW

Hyperchill PCW maximizes productivity and minimizes costs, by operating in a closed circuit, and continuously reutilizing the same water to avoid waste. It always supplies the exact water temperature requested, despite ambient conditions and load requests.Parker Hannifin

Hyperchill Plus

Hyperchill Plus is designed to provide precise and accurate temperature control of low viscosity industrial cooling fluids for a wide variety of industrial applications, with cooling capacities from 1.7kW to 23.6kWParker Hannifin

Hyperfree Drycoolers

Hyperfree Drycoolers are designed to provide above ambient temperature water at up to 141.6 m3/hr (623.45 GPM)

The robust low energy Hyperfree drycooler utilizes high efficiency fans and heat exchangers to reduce cooling fluids temperatures to a level above room temperature. Hyperfree drycoolers offer simple plug and play connections, requiring no water consumption and do not generate any waste. The IP54 rated units are ideal for outside installations.Parker Hannifin

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